Three Limiting Beliefs that are Holding you back from Hiring The Assistant you NEED to Grow Your Business

1) “I can’t afford it.” 

I’m wondering how you can afford to NOT have an assistant?  This may be a bit direct… but if you don’t have an assistant, you ARE AN ASSISTANT.  

The fact is that more than likely you are currently doing NUMEROUS activities each and every day that you could be hiring someone to do for $12-$15-$20/hour. Unless that is your current hourly rate, you are undervaluing your time.  

Do you know what your current hourly rate is?  If not, please calculate NOW!  

I often experience woman entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed when they think about hiring a full time person and paying $35k-$50k a year, thinking that they can’t afford or don’t have that money right now. But it isn’t $35k today, it’s $3000 per month. AND, we are living in a beautiful shared economy system where there are a tremendous amount of options for part time or even hourly support. When you hire the right person, they will be taking so many “to-do’s” off your plate, you will have the opportunity to spend your time engaging in either MORE activities to earn money, OR more time off (ideally a little bit of both!). 

I remember when I first hired a full time assistant, I had earned $120k the year before and I wanted to buy a condo. I was starting to feel very burnt out and was thinking seriously about leaving the real estate industry (this was approximately 10 years ago!). I remember thinking, “Ok, here is $2500 a month that could be my mortgage payment, but I am going to try this ‘team building thing out’ and use this money and invest in an assistant.” My business grew by 66% the next year, and I had more time for myself. It was the most freeing experience and I have consistently expanded my support staff both in my professional and personal life ever since. 

ACTION ITEM FOR YOU: Write down all of the tasks that COULD hand off to an assistant (this is an exercise, you are not committing to anything right now). Group them together (Social Media, Content Creation, Website, Administrative, Bookkeeping, Personal, etc) and prioritize which one is the most important first hire.  
2) “I’m scared of the commitment” 

I often feel like having a team is like having kids. As much as it is a business, I do feel a sense of responsibility for their well-being, an interest in their life, and making sure my bank account is full enough to pay their salaries.  

You’ve maybe heard this before: Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. 

If you are struggling with committing to hiring an assistant or some level of support, I would be curious to explore what is going on inside of you in terms of YOU committing to YOUR IDEAL LIFE and VISION! Ask yourself the following question: “Am I 100% committed to growing my business and having an abundant life? Do I honestly believe that I can create the business, team, and life that I desire?” If the answer is YES, it is time for you for to get clear on who the next hire is. If the answer is NO, it is time to do a little more inner work and get clear on WHY you building this biz! 

ACTION ITEM FOR YOU: Do the inner work that needs to be done to work through any limiting beliefs you have about commitment level to yourself and creating a business that you love! (I know… this can be a very BIG action item! But believe me- it is SO worth it!) 

3. I don’t have time to look, hire, and train an assistant. 
I get it… 

Finding, hiring, and training team members takes time and energy. But the fact is that training takes time, which is why it is super important to make good hiring choices from the beginning. I have found that it typically takes 4-6 months to find a rockin’ admin that works with you in the office, and approximately 1 month to find other support staff (outsourcing marketing, virtual assistants, personal assistants, bookkeepers, etc). Most of the time we wait WAY too long to even begin looking…. So start AS SOON as you get the “hit” that it is time! Depending on the job description and the hire’s experience, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months to really get in the flow of their every day tasks. I am telling you IT IS WORTH IT! I cannot stress this enough. IF you are committed to having it all but not doing it all,  you need support, you need a team… and believe me, it is SO much more rewarding and fun to do it with a team then to do it on your own. 


Heidi Stevens