Turning Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

One of my clients, whom I am going to call Jane, has an absolutely gorgeous social media accounts and a following that is growing quickly.  Jane is an extremely hard worker, loves what she does, and overall delivers fabulous work.  When we first met, it was very apparent how smart, eloquent and talented she is. Despite all of this, she is not making very much money.  Honestly, when she told me her annual salary I was shocked.   

The first week we worked solely on building a mindset of someone that makes six figures and beyond. We then started digging in to the nuances of her business.  I realized quickly that she was soooo focused on "not sounding pushy” and “not being annoying,” that she literally wasn’t asking for business AT ALL.  She was posting and giving away valuable content left and right, but when it came time to ask for business, offer a “complimentary” sales call, and navigating an enrollment call, she didn’t have the skills or tools. Within 3 weeks of working together, she had successfully set herself up with 10 potential client calls.  


1. Yes, offer free content AND then offer them an opportunity to purchase for you!  People are busy, they are on the go, and there is a ton of noise online. You need to very clearly GIVE THEM A REASON TO PURCHASE.  This can be anything from a clear offering (with a tab, purchase here), or a complimentary consultation call (which can turn into an enrollment call) or a product to purchase.  

2. Make it easy for them to find your offerings.  Make it clear what you are offering and put it front and center.  You have 7 seconds (or less) to catch someone’s attention. If its not easy to find or read, they probably wont even see It let alone click on it to find out more info.

3. If you are in person or on the phone with a potential client, here is sales 101:  Ask great questions, find out what their problem is, find out what they are wanting most, and then offer them a solution to their problem.  Get your potential client talking and LISTEN to what they are saying!  Ask them, “Are you open to me sharing a little bit about what I do?”  Once they have felt heard and have acknowledged a buy in to listen back to you… they are much more likely to listen! Share what it is you do and most importantly, the direct benefit to them on how what you do and/or offer can be of service for them!!! 

Heidi Stevens