The exact formula I use to get in touch with my intuition, get clear on next steps, and take massive action from an inspired place


There are 90 days left in the year.

I’m wondering… have you taken the time to get uber clear on what the remainder of the year is all about for you?

If you have – good on you girl!! GO rock on with your bad self and make the 4th quarter of 2017 your BEST YET!!!

If you haven’t OR you want to hone it in even more, this is for YOU.

I’ve laid out my exact steps that I take that lead me to taking massive inspired action…

Massive action that is fueled with intention and inspiration and almost always leads to a big pay day at the end of it.

Here’s the deal:

You may be thinking… “Well, Heidi, I take massive action every day (actually often times, it feels like that’s ALL I do every single freaking day!) and I’m still seeing the same results.”

But here’s the problem with just doing and doing and taking action without first being in touch with you intuition.

You’re caught in the spin. You’re caught up in the daily #hustle and grind.  Which leads to burn out.

Massive burn out. Exhaustion. Fatigue.  Overwhelm. Anxiety.

I know it well… 

Because I did it for over a decade.

I made money (which was nice), but I wasn’t happy, or healthy.

I burned out. I gained weight. I had adrenal fatigue. 

I kept everything looking ok on the outside but on the inside I was screaming for a way out.

I became crazy committed to finding a different way...

I hired mentors, I took classes, I worked on myself, I got in touch with my intuition and the feminine side of myself.  

I dove deep.

And gratefully things began to change...  

Here’s what has happened:

I don’t just “do” things anymore… I take the time to hear the downloads, and to take action from there.

I absolutely love what I’m doing. I feel in the flow. Most days I feel calm. 

I've merged my masculine "get it done" and business savvy side with my feminine intuitive side. 

And it's working... 

I started up my coaching business 8 months ago and am on track to earn multi-six figures in my first year.

I want the same for you.

If you have an inkling that it’s possible, then it’s possible for you too. 

Do you need strategy, hard skills, branding, and marketing?  


And that will come (I’ve got something up my sleeve in the next 60ish days to offer it all up for you).

But that’s jumping ahead…

Because what is sooooo much more important is how you are approaching your days, your weeks, and your year.

So please please please, take my advice… just stop for a one hour. Carve out one hour this week.

And take yourself on a journey of discovering what the next 90 days is about for you.

Here are the exact steps I take to get crystal clear on the next steps to take in my business:

  1. Set aside one hour, get your favorite journal, a quiet uninterrupted space, and a candle.
  2. Set a clear intention to receive guidance on exactly what you are meant to create between now and the end of this year.
  3. Begin writing out the vision. What do you see yourself doing, having, experiencing, creating between now and the end of the yaer. Write with as much detail and emotion as possible!
  4. Then begin a dialogue with Spirit / Source / Universe.  I start with a question:  “Spirit, please show me in a way that I can clearly understand what you would have me create, who I am meant to serve and how I can make the highest impact in the next 3 months?”  OR “Spirit, what is the next step you would have me take in order to bring in $ X this month?".
  5. Write whatever it is that comes forward.
  6. Attune and discern if this is the next step that is right for you to take now. (Don’t let FEAR creep in on this).
  7. If the timing is right, get the courage to go out and!!!!

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