Making the Most Out of your Last Few Days of The Year! My Favorite Tradition for you to finish the year with a Bang!!!


What I love most about this time of year between Christmas and New Years is that it’s really a time for us to dive deep, reflect, and look at the past year.

While I am all about planning for the new year (I live for making plans and looking forward) I make a conscious effort to actually slow it all down during this time and focus first on the past year and then, when that’s complete, move on to the next one!

My Year in Review Tradition:

Look at the past year, taking it one month at a time.  Looking back month to month allows you to really be in the moment and remember all of the big and small things that happened!  Write down memories, wins, losses… anything that remember from that month!

Use this exercise as an opportunity to anchor in everything you are celebrating AND all of the opportunities/ learning lessons along the way!

In my opinion, doing this inventory is vital for a few reasons!

  1. The universe has eyes and ears… If you are too busy rushing off to the “next” thing / year / plan, you aren’t fully appreciating and feeling gratitude for everything that has happened.  

  2. This is your opportunity to shift and transform any regrets / limiting beliefs / ways of being that happened in 2017 that you do not want to bring forward into the new year!

When going through your year in review, look at any of the regrets or disappointments that you have for the year.  

They are already in your body so you might as well acknowledge them, allow them to come to the surface, and once and for all transform and let them go so you don’t have to repeat them!)

After you have these judgements, regrets, etc. written down – take a look and ask yourself, If this happened 100% for my own learning and growth, then why did this place, and what am I learning from it?

When we take the learnings from our experiences and truly integrate the healing, see why it was actually a blessing in our life, then we can integrate the learning, move forward and not have to repeat it in the new year!!!

In conclusion:

  1. Take a look at your year month by month. Write it all down, share it with a partner or friends, and have fun with this process!

  2. While you are going through the months, look for yours wins big and small (and celebrate these when toasting to the new year!!)

  3. ALso look for any regrets, judgements, or old patterns that crept up that you do not want to have happen again.

  4. Write down all the ways this “regret” or challenging situation was actually a blessing in your life!!!

  5. Give and express your gratitude for EVERYTHING that occurred this past year!!!

Want more info on this process? Check out my video HERE!

Have fun doing this process, make a sacred experience for yourself, and walk into the new year knowing that everything that happened in the past year was perfect and right on time. You are setting yourself up for an absolutely amazing 2018 full of abundance, joy, and prosperity.


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