Get Into Action on Money Making Activities

One of the challenges I often hear from women working from home is that they find it difficult to get motivated and focused to start their day. I hear you!  While it’s a luxury to live/work the laptop lifestyle, it’s important to set yourself up for success.  Getting caught up in home distractions, such as doing the dishes, incoming phone calls from family and friends, or getting caught up in social media all day WILL take your focus away from money making activities!

Here are my tips to set you up for success:

1.     Get dressed

This may sound silly, but putting on “outdoor” clothes, as my toddler likes to call them, brushing your hair, and throwing on a little mascara and lip gloss, can do wonders. You would never go to the office in your Lululemons and  Top Knot, so give yourself the respect you deserve and get dressed to go to work.

2.     Have a dedicated work space in your home

As sexy as it sounds to work from anywhere, trying to work while being curled up on your couch or in your bed  is not doing you, or your neck, any good.

3.      Schedule out your week on Sunday night

When you put everything in writing, you free up energetic space that would otherwise go into remembering your appointments.  It’s just as important to calendar in your workouts, lunch time, and self-care as your work schedule.  Also,  when you time block for work, write out what you’re going to do during that time, such as write a blog post, social media outreach, or prepare for a photo shoot.

4.     Get clear on what money-making activities are for you and your business, and do them first

We are the freshest and motivated in the morning, and it’s such a good feeling to get necessary tasks completed right away.  Be disciplined with yourself to screen phone calls and emails while you’re doing these tasks!

5.     When it’s time to turn off, do it

I’m so guilty of scrolling social media all hours of the evening.  It’s not healthy, and I’m not really turning off. I’ve noticed a direct correlation as to how well I sleep when I shut down my computer and phone before nine pm and when I don’t.

How do you make the most of your days as a home based entrepreneur?  Please share below!

Heidi StevensComment