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Meet Jessica Nazarali. I met Jess a few years ago in a business training program and it has been such a delight and inspiration to watch her grow her business so rapidly! Jessica coaches women on business strategies and marketing and helps them to transition from their corporate careers to having an online presence. She is based in Australia and is married to her partner with whom she works with! I had so much fun getting to know her even better through our interview. 

What inspired you to start your business?

 In 2011 I started a Health and Wellness blog and after blogging 5 days a week for 18 months, other health experts and aspiring bloggers started asking me for help in relation to blogging. That's how my coaching business was born! 

Since then, my business has evolved. Today I teach advanced online marketing strategies and helping women to sell using the Evergreen Model. Through using the Evergreen Model you can sell your products and services consistently without needing to do big stressful launches, it's a game changer for your business!

How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of your business?

Oh gosh this is a good question. What works for me when I'm down is to stop thinking about business for a while. I'll go for a walk, watch something on Netflix, cook, call a girlfriend and when I'm in a better state of mind I'll start thinking about solutions to the problem. 

What advice would you give the younger you? 

Everything always works out, there is no need to stress out about things (hmm this is still really good advice for where I'm at today).

How do you stay in a “high-vibration” traveling so much? 

Well I'm not traveling as much anymore which I'm happy about :) Traveling is fun but after 3 years of a lot of travel I was ready for a break. Having a traveling partner who you get along with and enjoys the same things as you is key. There is no way I would have travelled as much as I did if my husband wasn't with me. 

Do you think you do things differently given that you are married vs. being a “single” entrepreneur? What benefits has that afforded you, if any?

I believe if you are in a supportive marriage you have a solid foundation where you can achieve anything. If your partner isn't supportive of your business, I've seen it to be very difficult for women to be successful long term. Either their marriage ends up ending or the business ends. If you are single make sure you choose your partner carefully, the repercussions will effect all areas of your life, including your business. 

How does your spirituality impact your business (if at all)? 

I meditate each morning and spend time listening to uplifting audios (I'm a big fan of Abraham Hicks) everyday. I find the more time I spend time checking in with myself and being present the more I'm able to give to others. 

How do you balance all of your commitments personally and professionally?

I schedule everything! If it's not scheduled it never ends up happening. Fantastical Calendar has a much better user experience than google calendar and I've found I'm so much more productive nowI I'm using it. 

What has been your biggest challenge along the way and how did you overcome it?

Managing people has been challenging. It's something I'm still working on and getting better and better at. Learning from past experiences and documenting everything has helped make the process easier. It's an area that hasn't come naturally to me but I'm improving :) 

In what ways do you feel likeyou are impacting the world by doing the work that you do?

I love seeing women's lives change through using the internet to their benefit. It's a really exciting time! I'm particularly passionate about helping women in developing countries have these opportunities as well, which is why I launched a not-for-profit program which helps women in the developing countries make money online.

Jessica Nazarali - Founder & Host of It Girl Academy and It Girl Radio

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