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I’m excited to introduce you to Rachel Maskell : wife, mama, and founder of the #mumbox!  She is on a mission to support all of us mamas to find a little more time to give back and nourish ourselves, and has created a quarterly subscription box with curated good for the modern conscious mama, delivered right to your door.  I loved interviewing Rachel and loved being reminded how important it is to incorporate the “pause” into our daily routine!

What inspired you to start your business?

When Kaliana was born in 2013 I had been running a web design and branding company. I was responsible for sales, project management, and consulting for each client. We lived in Brooklyn but we also traveled a lot for my husbands work (he's also an entrepreneur), for pleasure and to visit friends internationally. All this I was doing while still being a full time mom. 

As a way to process and figure out what motherhood was all about and how to juggle the demands of this new role I started #mumboss as a passion project. The first year it was a podcast dedicated to my journey as a mother, an entrepreneur, and how to not lose myself along the way. The first season of the show required a ton of production, writing, and editing on my part. I loved the creative aspect but it was not sustainable and I wasn't sure where to take it next. 

It was after attending Altitude Summit in Jan 2016 that I decided to evolve the podcast to interviewing other Mumbosses and learning from them. Talking to all these incredible accomplished women the message I kept hearing, and experiencing myself, wasthe need for self care. Thus MUMBOX was born. It's a retreat in a box for the modern conscious mama to unwind from the daily grind. 

How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of your business?

It's often challenging having both my husband and I as entrepreneurs but on the positive side we get to learn from each other. He helps me to stay focused on the big picture and reminds me to reconnect with my passion when I get super focused on the details or when things aren't working. 

Being around other creative people, particularly women, who are following their calling is also super inspiring. When I'm feeling down getting in touch with a girlfriend is better than any glass of wine. 

What advice would you give the younger you? 

Life will never take a straight path. No matter what anyone says or what you expect or desire. Be ready to jump in and go with the flow. And put a smile on your face because the unexpected is where the magic happens. 

How do you stay in a “high-vibration”? 

A big part of my daily routine is making time to pause. It may be a few deep breaths while ducking out in the bathroom or creating the space to meditate. Even when I'm traveling I bring a few things to help me create an ‘altar’ or a space I can go to stay grounded. 

I'm also incredibly grateful for mobile technology. I don't own a computer so everything I do is on my phone or iPad. This makes working when traveling a little easier because I can do a few things here and there and not get burnt out trying to cram it all into one work sesh. 

Do you think you do things differently given that you are married vs. being a “single” entrepreneur? What benefits has that afforded you, if any?

Absolutely! I feel incredibly thankful that with my husband there is financial and emotional support that I wouldn't get from being single. He pushes me and opens up doors that I wouldn't be able to do in the same way on my own. It's not always easy juggling all the responsibilities so if I was single I'd have a lot more time to spend on my business instead of everything else. 

That said my biz is all about being a mama, a wife and me so I don't think I would have been called in the same way as a single chic. 

How does your spirituality impact your business?

I love that spirituality and business are able to coexist together in a way that was never possible before. My work is all about spirituality but packaged in a way that I think is fundamental to our well-being: self care. But I'm so tired of that word! For me it's about being present with ourselves, tuning in to our own wisdom, and using that information to help guide us through all our daily decisions and demands. 

Without this practice I would be a mess!

How do you balance all of your commitments personally and professionally?

My spiritual practice is key. See above. I can easily get overwhelmed with the numerous hats I wear at home, in business, and in life. So taking time daily to tune in keeps my anxiety from being in the driver's seat. 

Plus I love writing things down! I journal daily first thing in the morning, keep a physical planner for appointments and a notebook for thoughts that come up throughout the day. This helps me get things out of my head and on paper so I can connect more viscerally with my commitments. 

What has been your biggest challenge along the way and how did you overcome it?

Becoming a Mom. It's literally my biggest challenge and my greatest gift. Doing my work helps me every day - not to overcome the challenge but to overcome the stories in my head and the way I approach motherhood. 

In what ways do you feel like  you are impacting the world by doing the work that you do?

Since I've been a mom my mission comes down to #mamasmatter. As a society, and almost globally, I think we have forgotten the role of mothers and how demanding and essential it is to the outcome of future generations. The ratio of support to expectation feels incredibly unbalanced. I think the only way to start to rectify this imbalance is for us Mothers to make a statement and reclaim some time for us. The MUMBOX is a way to give tools to nourish ourselves and create a sisterhood in the process. 

To contact Rachel Maskell and to find out more about her business, click here!

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