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What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always been drawn to healing, self-improvement, and beauty. As I kid, I loved to find very disorganized spaces, take away all the clutter and trash and make sense of the chaos. When I entered the workforce at 14 years old, I continued to find myself consistently organizing the spaces where I worked. After working as a celebrity wardrobe stylist for 7 years, I was extremely burned-out and tired of the production grind. A close friend suggested that my love of organizing be turned into what is now called Clutter Healing®.

How do you stay motivated through the ups and downs of your business?

What keeps me going through the ups and downs are my clients and the way my work positively affects their lives - I help people reclaim their power! We give so much of our valuable mental resources away to our physical belongings. New clients often come to me concerned that I will make them toss all their possessions, but they soon learn my method is quite the opposite! After we’ve worked on their home, clients are more clear, more focused and more aware of what they value most in live. Let me tell you, it isn’t their stuff! It’s beautiful. Those transformations are what get me out of bed every morning.

What advice would you give the younger you?

Have as much fun as possible DAILY. Savor the moment. Don’t make it so hard. Know that you are supported. Travel. Get out of the grind. Do everything that scares you. Take risks. Fail and let yourself grow from the experience. Be unapologetically YOU. Create. Create. Create. Sing for no reason. Dance often. The Universe has your back ALWAYS.  

How do you stay inspired after being in business for quite some time?

Mostly through my own personal development and continual self-care. The more I heal myself, the more I can lift up the people around me. Also, having a spiritual tribe to lean on is very helpful when things appear to not be going my way. It’s all perspective.

How does your spirituality impact your business (if at all)?

It impacts my business deeply. When I’m not taking care of myself or trusting that the will of the Universe is at play, things fall apart. I ask Spirit to simply use my body, my voice, my breath. Spirit does the work. I’m simply a conduit.

How do you balance all of your commitments personally and professionally?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as balance. Priorities ebb and flow - You’re always going to be putting more energy and effort into some things at a time and other things become priority at others. It’s really not so much about balance but being in flow with whatever needs my attention in a given day, week, or month. I calendar date nights, down time, exercise, time with friends, etc. If it’s not scheduled, it probably won’t happen and you may find yourself going down the rabbit hole of work, work, work all the time. Make your self-care a priority and the rest falls into place. Trust me, I did it the other way for more than half my life and nothing good came from it.

What has been your biggest challenge along the way and how did you overcome it?

Trusting that I am supported. I have had to discipline my mind A LOT! Every time I have a fear based thought, I actively choose to self-correct and get my brain back on the positive train. When I look back at my career, I’ve always been taken care of. Things have always worked out. As we grow in our personal and business lives the fear and negativity can grow too. Consistently focusing on the feeling of abundance, joy and fun has helped me to allow the feeling of support to outshine the feelings of fear.

In what ways do you feel like  you are impacting the world by doing the work that you do?

In my own way, I believe that what I am doing greatly affects the world. When we are free of all the pain from the past, hang-ups related to the skinny clothes or anything else not serving our highest good, we can’t perform or live optimal lives. When clients heal the relationship around their clutter, they learn to see the beauty in the little things and experience gratitude where they previously felt a void. The moments, the connections, the laughter, the love -- that’s the sweetness of life. I believe that Clutter Healing® gives back more of those precious moments of the present and...releases clients from their past or future burdens. More joy means more kindness. More kindness means more happiness and the world can always use more happiness.

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