If today, tomorrow or yesterday was a hard day...

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*Warning… longer post below, but worth the read, juicy personal details!

It was just a couple of months ago. It was Monday morning and we were planning on moving into our new home that week. 

Our nanny of 2 years (who felt like family) told me she was leaving (I did not see it coming in any way and through ugly tears told her how much we loved her and much I cared about her. It felt like a heart-wrenching break-up when you know it’s best on some level but the pain in the moment feels unbearable – ugh).

It wasn’t two hours later I found out that a former assistant had been stealing from us for the last 90 days (and it had added up to a rather large sum of money – double ugh).

That afternoon my contractor told me we wouldn’t have hot water or gas for at least a week after our move-in date (what the F&*#??).

I then was asked, with no notice, to leave my working office space and that it would be great if I could have everything cleaned out by that Tuesday.

OH.  MY.  GOSH.  It was too much, I called my husband completely emotional, spinning out, feeling like I was at my breaking point… and as much he wanted to support me he was tied up in a bunch of meetings. 

That next morning, I laid in bed until 2pm crying. I couldn’t help it… I felt like my world was crumbling around me. While on some level I realized that everything was ok, and that none of this was insurmountable… it just all felt completely overwhelming, and I didn’t understand why and how it was all happening at once. How was I going to move into a house with no hot water or ability to cook, find a new nanny, move office spaces (into where?!? – my non-existent office in my new house?? AND deal with trying to get $5k back from credit card companies, etc.)

Why am I telling you this, and what’s the silver lining in this story…

I’m telling you this because shit happens. Life happens. And sometimes it can get really messy and complicated. And sometimes we have no idea what someone has going on, on the other side of the pretty social media pictures and posts.

I’m telling you this so that you can give yourself permission to have a bad day, to feel your feelings, that you don’t’ have to push through every single moment. I’m telling you so that you know if you take a day off, or lay in bed, you’re not “falling behind” or missing out.

I’m telling you this because now being on the other side of it, two months later, I actually see the “why” behind everything that happened. We are stronger and better off by the breakdowns that happened that week…

*We not only found a new nanny that is absolutely wonderful, we also got into the exact preschool program that I have been wanting for my son (which I only inquired about after our nanny gave me notice.)

*Our assistant stealing was a huge wake-up call that I need to be spending even more time going through the detailed charges of our credit card accounts. Since then I’ve found a few other changes that I can delete immediately saving us a few $100 a month, and I’ve become re-engaged in our finances and details that feels super empowering.

*I enjoyed my hot shower and bath a week after we moved in more than I ever thought and realized how much we take for granted everyday conveniences like hot water and the ability to cook on a hot stove!

*I hustled to get my office space ready in my home… it took a few weeks but I am in HEAVEN working from home everyday with my team. We gather, brainstorm, are having a blast and also get to take short breaks with our Chief Fun Officer Harrison Moses :) 

If today or tomorrow or yesterday was a hard day. It’s ok. Just be where you are….. this time will pass. You will get through to the other side. And sometimes just being “in it” for a moment or two is the most kind, compassionate thing you can do for yourself.

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