7 steps to get focused, reengaged and reenergized in your biz!

Summer is slowly coming to a close, the kiddos are about to go back to school, and if you're anything like the women I've been speaking to, it's a "wonky" time of year for your business. You're still in summer mode and yet feeling the fall approaching quickly.... 

If you're not quite sure how to get back the energy to get focused, reengaged and reenergized in your biz, see my 7 steps below!

1. Get back to your WHY. It's time to take a step back from the day to day for a moment and get back to WHY you started your business in the first place. Get back to the bigger picture... re-engage in your mission and your purpose for starting the biz in the first place, and what your goals were the year! 


What do YOU want the remainder of this year to look like?

Are you needing to pivot or edit your intentions and goals from the beginning of the year? 

Allow yourself to get clear on what YOU want... not what you "should" want or what anyone else thinks.


3. Get out of your head and actually STOP trying to figure out HOW your goals are going to be happen (I know, this is super counter intuitive).

A spinning, anxious mind doesn’t come up with creative solutions. It’s imperative that you get back into your body, in whatever ways work for you: exercise, yoga, meditation, going to the beach, getting a massage, etc.

4. Visualize the end goal that you are wanting to create in your minds eye (focus your attention on your 6th chakra, minds eye and “see” yourself experiencing the end result that you are desiring).

In order to do this, I close my eyes, and I see myself having/doing/experiencing whatever it is I want to create. 

5. Ask Universe / Spirit / Source (whatever is your higher power) the next step to take.

Here is the exact phrase that I use in my morning meditation (feel free to steal it :) : “Spirit, please show me the next step to take to create / to earn / to manifest X in my life. Please show me the next step in a clear way that I can understand.”.

6. Assess the feedback / answer that you receive and if it feels in alignment, it’s time to…

7. Take massive action! 

Heidi StevensComment