Sometimes I just don't feel like showing up...


The other day, I had committed to myself and my team that I was going to write an email, for that specific day, to my community. As I sat down that morning at my blank computer screen, nothing came to mind and I wasn’t feeling inspired, so I went on to work on a few different projects in between my client calls.

Before I knew it, it was 2pm and I still hadn’t written an email to go out. Then 3pm…

My mind started making up a few reasons why I didn’t “have” to do it…

  1. It really wasn’t that important and my community has been hearing from me a lot recently.
  2. I wasn’t getting an inspirational download and I didn’t have anything meaningful to share.
  3. I was feeling “tired” and maybe I could just push it off to tomorrow or another day

Oh my gawd… our minds and our egos are soooo stinking powerful!

I witnessed my energy levels dropping. I found myself brushing off the day. I felt myself wanting to just go through the motions for the remainder of the day….

And then, thank goodness, I caught myself.

I literally said out loud (my assistant was here and started smiling ☺) , “Spirit, please help me! Please help me write an email today.”

Now, this may sound a little dramatic. It is, after all, just one email. But here’s the thing, this heavy energy and way of thinking (aka our EGO) takes over soooo freakin’ easily and can literally take us down with the seemingly smallest things. 

Futhermore, who I am to judge whether something is important enough or not for Spirit’s support!

And so.. after I said my prayer (and still wasn’t feeling inspired) I decided to take a short lunch break. 

And then, seemingly out of the blue, I got the inspiration to write the email.

I’m sharing with you this silly little story because I’m encouraging you to shift up your energy, to wake up to ways in which you are keeping yourself stuck, to wake up to the power of the universe and how readily available it is to us at all times. 

I’m sharing this with you to give you a firm nudge to go out and write that email, post that next post on Instagram, do the FB live, follow up with your potential client, ask for the signed contract.

We are able to call on the power of Spirit’s direction, guidance and courage literally at all times. And so, the next time you feel yourself feeling like you want to go into excuses, or play the victim, or any type of low-vibrational pattern, I invite you to ask for Spirit’s help. 

Hope you go out and take some action tonight and take the next step forward toward your dreams.

Heidi StevensComment