My week in Paris


Paris has been on my bucket list for a while. Before Kenny and I started dating, I had traveled to South America, Costa Rica, and even South Africa, but I was waiting to do to the Western European tour with my significant other. We’ve been together 5 years now and while we have travelled a bit, we have been pretty pre-occupied with getting married and then pregnant 4 days after (yep!), building our business and building not one, but two houses. Needless to say,  traveling internationally hasn’t been on the top of our priority list.

When the year-long women’s coaching program that I’m in announced a live event in Paris, I was ALL over it. I arranged for my parents to come and stay with Harrison, we bought our tickets, and Kenny and I were going to have a romantic week in Paris!

Kenny told me a few weeks before our planned departure that he wasn’t feeling that excited about the trip. He had tons of work going on and just wasn’t that into it and boy was my fantasy bubble of galloping around Paris with my love burst! In hindsight, while there were definitely moments that I wished Kenny was there, I was actually happy that he didn’t come. It became such an adventure for me, I had a chance to do exactly what I wanted, I connected and made new friends with the women at the live event, and I gave myself the opportunity to be 100% in the experience for me and only me!   

The highlights of my trip and lessons learned:

The day I left was really hard for me. I was worried about leaving Harrison for 8 days… worried about how he would do and quite honestly super worried about how I much I was going to miss him. Harrison did amazing (of course he did!). I came home to he and daddy having secret handshakes, new games they had made up, and a new super tight bond (sweetest thing ever!!)  And me? I’m a little nervous to share at the risk of sounding heartless, but I actually didn’t miss them that much. Eek!! I was on such an adventure, my heart was singing, my inner explorer/adventurer had the time of her life and my inner child was having a hay day with all of the shopping, beauty and femininity!

I’m walking away from this week renewed, refreshed and somehow not even negatively feeling the effects of jet leg because I’m activated and alive in a new way. I’m inspired, I’m committed to traveling again and I know my family and business will be better off for it.

What is something that you have been wanting to do, dreamed of your whole life, and know potentially could be a major transformational experience for you? Would love to hear your comments below!

Here are a few highlights and photos from the trip!


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