5 Steps to Engage the Co-Creative Process


People are always asking me, “HOW??”. How do I leverage the power of the Universe to meet my goals? How do I raise my vibration to receive that guidance? How do I overcome the inner and outer obstacles to take the next step for my business? Or, how do I know what that next step is???

Today I want to answer these questions by breaking down the 5 steps I use to engage the co-creative process. In this video, I share the exact practices I use and how to deal with the challenging moments that come up along the way.

You may be thinking, “Wait, what IS the Co-Creative Process?”

The Co-Creative Process (which some call, manifesting) involves working TOGETHER with the divine – the Power of the Universe inside of you – to allow the creative process to flow and get those downloads on exactly what you need to do next to move your forward to achieve your vision!

Step 1: Get clear on your vision

Start with the end in mind. Really think about what you want the end product to look or feel like. Once you’ve got your vision,  break that down into smaller, more tangible goals. Spirit can’t help if you don’t have a clear direction!

Step 2: Stay in that high vibration

Focus on your vision and stay in that vibration while you’re working. Put yourself in a high-vibe state on a daily basis, through practices like journaling, affirmations, vision boards, or whatever it is that works for you.

Step 3: Heal and transform whatever bubbles up as a result

Once you get in that high-vibe state, all kinds of stuff can start surfacing – the stuff you now know is no longer serving your higher purpose. Working with whatever is coming up (stories, traumas, limiting beliefs, etc.) is essential to moving forward.

Step 4: Take action!

Take dominion over your mind! Do the high-vibe practices! Have the courage to take action every day, in ways you already know how. Take the next step in front of you, that you feel called to do but may be internally resisting.

Step 5: Evaluate the actions you’re taking and course correct as needed

As you go, evaluate the actions you’re taking and any feedback you’re receiving. The plan is not set in stone! You can always choose what actions to take and change your mind if something is no longer in alignment. Go back to step one and restart the process to continue to refine and execute your vision!

So get clear on those visions, and start taking inspired action!!

Heidi StevensComment