EPISODE 15: Reenergizing as we move into the last of 2018

The Soul of Business Podcast takes you inside the business-savvy, spiritually-aligned strategies I have used over and over to whip my mindset into shape, overcome obstacles, build amazing teams, a multiple 7 figure business and attract abundance to build my dream life. Whether you’re new on your entrepreneurial journey, a long-time business owner, a busy mom, or just want tricks and tips to attract the life you desire, The Soul of Business will offer invaluable guidance and insight on how to bring more alignment, strategy, and ultimate success into your business and life.


In today’s episode we are talking about finishing off the year strong! It’s really easy to slip into those post-summer hazy lazy days and essentially phone it in the rest of the year. Especially as we get closer to Holidays and the many obligations that fall on us. But I am here to shake you up a little and remind you that you can accomplish a lot in four months! Listen to this episode to get tips on how to get fired up to go out and crush the final days of 2018!



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